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Christer Fuglesang

An inspirational journey into space, science and the future

Christer Fuglesang is a Swedish physicist and an ESA astronaut. He was first launched aboard the STS-116 Space Shuttle mission on December 10, 2006, making him the first Swedish citizen in space. He is a Fellow at CERN and taught mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology before being selected to join the European Astronaut Corps 1992.

He has participated in two Space Shuttle missions and five spacewalks, and is the first person outside of the United States and Russian space programs to participate in more than three spacewalks. Fuglesang is qualified both as an astronaut and cosmonaut and he has been awarded with the NASA Space Flight Medal and the NASA Exceptional Service Medal.

In May 2010, Fuglesang took over as Head of Science and Application Division within the Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations at ESTEC, Netherlands.

Christer Fuglesang is a popular keynote speaker at major conferences and meetings around the world. As a speaker he is inspirational and engaging. He is often praised for his way of explaining scientific facts and complicated concepts in a clear and simple language.

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