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Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark

The long-standing former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Uffe Elleman-Jensen was also the National Chairman of the Liberal Party "Venstre".

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen was born in 1941 in Haarby on the Island of Funen. He graduated with an MA in 1969 in Economics from Copenhagen University. The son of an editor, he began his career as an economic and political journalist and switched to politics in 1977. During his first years as a journalist, he wrote numerous economic and political books and articles.

In 1977 he was elected to Parliament for the Liberal Party "Venstre" and has been member of Parliament until 2001. Between 1982-1993 he was Minister for Foreign Affairs in Denmark. In 1984 Uffe Ellemann-Jensen was elected National Chairman of the Liberal Party "Venstre"- a position he held until 1998. He was also President of the European Liberal Party ("ELDR" European Liberal, Democratic and Reform Party) until 2001.

Since he left politics he has been active in numerous international commissions and boards. He is a trustee of International Crisis Group, and Chairman of The Foreign Policy Society in Denmark. Uffe Ellemann-Jensen is a co-founder and Chairman of Baltic Development Forum. Also adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School etc. etc.

Refreshingly informal and outspoken, ‘Mr Europe’ as he is sometimes known in Denmark, is a natural statesman. An influential liberal with a definite pro-European stance he does not avoid political controversies.He is still writing books and blogs on international politics...

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